Enzyme solutions in targeted consumer sectors can significantly reduce greenhouse gasses and increase product sustainability

Four EU-funded sibling projects: EnXylaScope, FuturEnzyme, OXIPRO and RadicalZ, have just launched this policy brief to provide scientific insight to support and inform EC policy areas, including the European Green Deal and Bioeconomy strategies.

The policy brief outlines consumer concerns about the environment, the issues and challenges of specific industries in aligning with environmental, social and economic EC strategies, directives and policies, and how four projects funded by the EC are addressing these challenges by developing novel enzyme technologies to make targeted products greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In turn, the work of the projects is supporting and will inform current and future policy.

To leverage the power of enzymes in the processing phases and in the formulation of consumer products in target industries, including textiles, detergents, cosmetics and nutraceuticals,  we recommend these seven priority actions:

  1.   Develop novel tools for faster enzyme discovery and engineering to support the creation of greener products.
  2.   Demonstrate the ongoing value and efficacy of enzyme technologies for greener, more sustainable products.
  3.   Develop and introduce new enzyme-based solutions for sustainability.
  4.   Formulate novel products that will lessen the impact of chemicals and reduce resource wastage.
  5.   Reduce the climate adverse effects of products of concern.
  6.   Ensure that new products undergo reasonable risk, hazard, and toxicity analyses.
  7.   Work with consumers to monitor their satisfaction with novel products.

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These projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements nos:

EnXylaScope     101000831

FuturEnzyme    101000327

OXIPRO              101000607

RadicalZ             101000560