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CSIC: "4ºESO+company program"

Cristina Coscolín, Laura Fernández, Paula Vidal, David Almendral, Manuel Ferrer and Patricia Molina 4ºESO+company program

In the frame of the Community of Madrid program “4ºESO+company”, CSIC took in 5 students from the IES José Luis Sampedro (Tres Cantos, Madrid) to show them how the work in the lab is. They learned basic techniques that we use to discover, develop and characterise enzymes to be employed to better our lives and the environment. Natalia, Marta, Laura, Celia and Alejandra, it was such a pleasure to have you these days with us!


CSIC: "International Day of Women and Girls in Science"

Cristina Coscolín, Laura Fernández, Patricia Molina and Paula Vidal, International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is celebrated on February 11th. Women from our partner CSIC took this great opportunity to encourage teenagers from Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos Highschool (Madrid, Spain) to reach gender equality.

CSIC: “Enzymes wanted, reason: the environment”

The CSIC’s Institute of Biological Research (CIB) organises a series of webinars under the topic Plant and Microbial Biotechnology. In this occasion, the webinar was imparted by our Coordinator Manuel Ferrer, who talked about the discovery and development of enzymes with a clear focus on lessening climate change through their real implementation in industrial processes.

CLIB, CSIC, SCHOELLER: "Catalysing Alliances for Greener Products"

This online forum organised by CLIB within the HiPerIn 2.0 project looks at industry sectors which could benefit from a structural change away from fossil-based towards biotechnological processes based on renewable substrates. The 4 EU-funded projects conforming the Cluster Enzymes for greener products showed our potential and objectives for developing enzymes to be incorporated to real-life every-day products. We hope that the audience enjoyed our work and will be further interested in the enzyme products we will develop to help making the world green again-


CLIB, INOFEA: “Enzymes – the Multitool of Biotechnology”

The infinite opportunities of enzymes was the topic of this CLIB forum event.

INOFEA intervened to show their impressive shielding technology. More cutting-edge technologies in enzyme modification and optimisation were the central issues, together with discussion about the opportunities of this powerful multitool of biotechnology.

Cristina Coscolín and Patricia Molina “Equality at CSIC”

The 2nd meeting of the equality groups at CSIC was held on november. In this ocassion, a hybrid event (on-line and in person) was organised and some of us attended in person. This gave us the opportunity to talk face-to-face to experts in the area. We are in the right direction to reach equality, but there is still a long way to go!

Cristina Coscolín, Laura Fernández and Patricia Molina “Science Week”.

Our CSIC partner participated in the organization of the Science Week that took place in ICP for teenage student. This event is meant to show, in particular to young people, how science is in our everyday. In this case, they learned about daily-use products containing enzymes.


Cristina Coscolín : “Metagenomics: a useful tool for the discovery of new enzymes with biotechnological applications".

Our colleague Cristina Coscolín, from CSIC, gave an invited seminar to Biotechnology students from the Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid), where she showed how FuturEnzyme is involved in greening the world through enzymes.


Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho “Using marine bacteria to solve human problems”

Carla de Carvalho takes part in the International Microorganism Day. Our colleague from IST-ID showed in this interesting event the importance of the microbial world in her webminar “Using marine bacteria to solve human problems”.

Karl-Erich Jaeger: “Novel biocatalysts for biotechnology”

Our partner UDUS, represented by Karl-Erich Jaeger, participated on the 3rd Aachen Protein Engineering Symposium AcES2021 (Aachen/virtual) with an Invited Lecture entitled: “Novel biocatalysts for biotechnology”.


Manuel Ferrer: Metagenomics for new enzyme discovery: Enzymes and their role in the European Green deal

Manuel Ferrer, from CSIC-Institute of Catalysis, talks to Marie Curie PhD students in the Technical Worshop within the 2nd ImplantSens School, organized in the frame of the EU project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018-813006 (IMPLANTSENS). It took place online on 28th of July of 2021.

Isabel Cea: “Crystallography gives the key to confer stereospecificity to a promiscuous esterase”

Isabel Cea from CSIC, participates in the VII Youg Researchers’ Symposium IQFR-CSIC with her crystallographic study of an esterase. It took place online on June 18th 2021 This act was held on-line.

Manuel Ferrer: “Nano for the Environment”

Our Coordinator, Manuel Ferrer, talks to teenagers about “Nano for the Environment” (June 14th 2021, Madre de Dios school, Madrid, Spain) in the context of a Nanoscience and Nanotechnology festival. This act was held on-line.