Conference/workshop abstracts, books, book chapters


Carla C.C.R. de Carvalho “Using marine bacteria to solve human problems”

Carla de Carvalho takes part in the International Microorganism Day. Our colleague from IST-ID showed in this interesting event the importance of the microbial world in her webminar “Using marine bacteria to solve human problems”

Karl-Erich Jaeger: “Novel biocatalysts for biotechnology”

Our partner UDUS, represented by Karl-Erich Jaeger, participated on the 3rd Aachen Protein Engineering Symposium AcES2021 (Aachen/virtual) with an Invited Lecture entitled: “Novel biocatalysts for biotechnology”.


Manuel Ferrer: Metagenomics for new enzyme discovery: Enzymes and their role in the European Green deal

Manuel Ferrer, from CSIC-Institute of Catalysis, talks to Marie Curie PhD students in the Technical Worshop within the 2nd ImplantSens School, organized in the frame of the EU project H2020-MSCA-ITN-2018-813006 (IMPLANTSENS). It took place online on 28th of July of 2021.


Isabel Cea: “Crystallography gives the key to confer stereospecificity to a promiscuous esterase”

Isabel Cea from CSIC, participates in the VII Youg Researchers’ Symposium IQFR-CSIC with her crystallographic study of an esterase. It took place online on June 18th 2021 This act was held on-line.

Manuel Ferrer: “Nano for the Environment”

Our Coordinator, Manuel Ferrer, talks to teenagers about “Nano for the Environment” (June 14th 2021, Madre de Dios school, Madrid, Spain) in the context of a Nanoscience and Nanotechnology festival. This act was held on-line.