University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

The School of Life Sciences (HLS) of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)  is located in the centre of the tri-national Basel area. The R&D activities of HLS encompasses a wide range of projects ranging from the development of new products and devices, and the optimization of production processes in terms of material and energy saving, to life cycle and risk assessments of such products. The four institutes of the HLS are Pharma Technology, Medical and Analytical Technologies, Chemistry and Bioanalytics (ICB) and Ecopreneurship (IEC). The core activities of IEC include Environmental Technologies with a strong expertise in membrane-based filtration processes, Environmental Biotechnology (focus on immobilized biocatalysts) and Sustainable Resources Management. The activities of the ICB of the FHNW encompass modern chemical synthesis, analytics and bioanalytics, chemical engineering and nanotechnology.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Shahgaldian

is full professor of molecular nanotechnology at FHNW. The main focus points of the research group are: i) the development of (nano)materials and surfaces with molecular recognition properties, ii) the design of (nano)particles endowed with biocatalytic properties and iii) design of supramolecular 2D architectures with molecularly precise structure.

Prof. Dr. Philippe F.-X. Corvini

is head of IEC and professor of environmental biotechnology. He also serves as vice-president of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). P. Corvini’s research field is microbial metabolism and biocatalytic processes.

Dr. Guillaume Magnin

received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry from Avignon University and Aix-Marseille University, respectively. After several internships in different fields of organic chemistry (supramolecular chemistry and total synthesis), he moved to Germany to pursue his Ph.D. in the research group of Prof. Dr. Franziska Schoenebeck where he worked on the application of dinuclear Pd(I) catalysis in chemoselective couplings and polymer synthesis. Then, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Magnus Rueping as a postdoctoral researcher focusing on microgels and metallaphotocatalysis. Recently, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Patrick Shahgaldian where is working on the development, synthesis and application of new organic backbone endowed with catalytic properties at FHNW.