The 5th European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB) is now open for registration!

The 5th European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology (ESSIB) will take place at the University of Hamburg on July 3-6, 2023 and will be organized for the first time together with the Horizon 2020 EU project FuturEnzyme.

This year’s program is of great interest for masters students, PhD students and postdocs in the field, and includes:

Major Topics
·    Finding genes and enzymes
·    Mining the sea
·    Finding plastic-active enzymes & others
·    From (meta) genomes to applications

Practical courses
·    Cell-free expression
·    Screening activities of novel enzymes
·    Computational tools for metagenomic enzyme search

Confirmed lecturers
·    Rolf Daniel (University of Göttingen, Germany)
·    Jennifer Chow (University of Hamburg, Germany)
·    Andrew Pickford (University of Portsmouth, UK)
·    Jürgen Pleiss (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
·    Manuel Ferrer (CSIC Madrid, Spain)
·    Ruth Schmitz (University of Kiel, Germany)
·    Ute Hentschel (Geomar, Kiel, Germany)
·    Peter Golyshin (University of Bangor, UK)
·    Federica Bertocchini (CSIC, Madrid, Spain)
·    Ren Wei (University of Greifswald, Germany
·    Victor Guallar (University of Barcelona, Spain)
·    Stephan Kolkenbrock (Altona Diagnostics, Hamburg, Germany)
·    Karl-Erich Jaeger (University of Düsseldorf/Research Center Jülich, Germany)
·    Rainhard Koch (formerly Bayer, Germany)

If you are interested, please visit essib.eu and register!