FuturEnzyme partner contributed to sister project OXIPRO’s consortium meeting

Tatjana Schwabe-Marković and Markus Müller, from FuturEnzyme partner CLIB, were invited join OXIPRO’s consortium during their annual meeting In Groningen (NL) on 9 June 2022. The background for the invitation was to bring partners together to identify synergies within the aspects of capacity building and stakeholder engagement. Both projects are part of a collaborative effort called Enzymes for greener products where four projects funded under the Horizon 2020 Work Programme topic “Enzymes for more environment-friendly consumer products” join together to favour synergies, avoid duplications and to maximize their impact.

Tatjana joined the meeting in person and participated in the co-creative workshop organised by OXIPRO’s partner SB Science Management on stakeholder engagement. For their invited “inspirational talk”, Markus and Tatjana gave a tandem presentation. Markus joined online to give an overview of the FuturEnzyme project. Tatjana shared her reflections and experiences from collaborative projects and touched on questions of sustainability and consumer perception of bio-based products.


CLIB’s involvement in OXIPRO’s project meeting was well received. According to Gro Bjerga, OXIPRO’s Coordinator and research director at NORCE, “There is a lot of value for OXIPRO in collaborating with sister project partners for identifying synergies. For projects it is a win-win to double the expertise available, manifold increase the network and stakeholders, and use our resources more efficiently”.